Ministry Leaders

The Ministries of the Church are:

Deacon's Ministry, Chairman                                                           Dea. Willie Barr

Deaconess Ministry , Chairperson                                                 Deac. Joyce Weston

Trustee Ministry, Chairman            -                                                 Bro. Kenya Abney

Christian Education Ministry,  Chairperson                                  Deac. Pamela  Williams

Church School Ministry, Superintendent                                      Sis. Emma Dandy

Youth Ministry, Director                                                                     Sis, Stephanie Chaplin

Sister's in-Christ, Moderator                                                            Sis. Theresa Fannings

Health Ministry, Chairperson                                                            Dr. Greigstone Yearwood

Missionary Ministry, Chairperson                                                   Sis. Dora Wilson

Men's Ministry, Moderator                                                                Rev. Jeffrey Thomas

Flower Guild Ministry, Chairperson                                                Sis. Dora Wilson

Evangelism Ministry, Coordinator                                                  Min. Cheryl  Barr Bryant

Prison Ministry, Coordinator                                                            Dea. Willie Barr

Community Outreach Ministry                                                         

Usher's Ministry                                                                                  Sis. Mary Simmons

Historical Ministry, Historian                                                           Sis. Cynthia Henderson

Finance Ministry, Director                                                                 Sis. Carol Chattman

Music Ministry, Musicians                                                               Sis.. Pamela Williams
                                                                                                              Mr. Jeffery Taylor

Kitchen Ministry, Chairperson                                                         Dea. Minnie Abney

Pastor's Aid Ministry, Chairperson                                                Deac. Joyce Weston

Sanctuary Choir, Director/Musician
                                             Mr. Jeffery Taylor
Voices United, Director                                                                     Dea. Thomas Gray
Children's Choir, Director                                                                 Sis. Emily Henry       
Men's Chorus                                                                                      Bro. Michael Sanders

Security Ministry                                                                                   Sis. Susan Duboise